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ISSN : 1225-0082(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1905(Online)
The Medical Journal of Chosun University Vol.38 No.1 pp.40-41

Spontaneous Nontraumatic Perirenal Hematoma as a Complication of Acute Pyelonephritis

Young Tai Shin*, Hyeon Seok Lee, Jae Ho Park, Bo Mi Park, Ye Jin Kim,
Kang Ryun Moon, Dae Eun Choi, Ki Ryang Na, Kang Wook Lee
Division of Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine, Chungnam National University Hospital
(Received February 13, 2013; Accepted March 15, 2013)


Spontaneous perirenal hematoma is an unusual but serious complication of tumors, vascular disease, ruptured cyst, or infection.The authors report the case of a diabetic patient who presented with spontaneous perirenal hematoma and who wassubsequently diagnosed to have emphysematous pyelonephritis.


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