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ISSN : 1225-0082(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1905(Online)
The Medical Journal of Chosun University Vol.38 No.2 pp.67-71

Clinical and Ultrasonographic Characteristics of Esophageal Diverticula Mimicking a Thyroid Nodule

Tae Hyun Kim*, Dong Cheol Lee, Hyun Wook Kim, Su Kyung Jo, Seung Won Jung, Sung Ji Lee, Soon Ho Kim, Joon Kyu Lim
Department of Internal Medicine, Kwangju Christian Hospital, Gwangju, Korea
(Received March 13, 2013; Accepted June 25, 2013)


Recently, detection of esophageal diverticula by neck ultrasonography has been increasing. In particular, esophageal diverticulanear the thyroid gland can be diagnosed as thyroid nodule on ultrasonography. To date, 13 cases of ultrasonographicfeatures of Killian-Jamieson (K-J) diverticula have been reported. We report on four cases of K-J diverticula and discussclinical characteristics, including ultrasonographic findings, in comparison with previously reported cases. Awareness ofultrasonographic finding of esophageal diverticula, a hypoechoic nodule containing echogenic foci found in the posterolateralaspect of the thyroid, is most important for making a differential diagnosis of K-J diverticulum from a thyroid nodule.


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